Richlene Kennels Pet Boarding and Grooming
4336 Bass Rd Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808
(260) 432-0013

Pet Boarding    

Our boarding suites are 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 6ft personal areas for each family. We are located on a 6.5-acre property with plush grass and landscape. We exercise all of the dogs in our care four to five times per day to make sure we get one on one time with each dog. We accept all breeds of dogs and cats and temperament test all dogs to ensure this is the safest place for your family member.

Our boarding prices

$33/day........ Small dogs (under 30 lbs)

$40/day....... Large dogs (over 30 lbs)

+ $5/ day..........Holiday and peak periods 

$25/day...........Day only boarding

$25/day..........Cat boarding

$50/dog nonrefundable deposit required for each stay at time of booking.

***day of drop off is always considered a full day***

Sunday pick-ups are always considered a full day of boarding.

all boarding will be charged for the time reserved at booking.

Example booking: Drop off Friday pick up Sunday = 3 day stay total, drop off friday pick up monday morning = 3 day stay total. Please call for a quote on your stay

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for boarding?

Food, toys and treats, current vaccines including Rabies, Bordetella, DHLP. Please do not bring any beds or blankets. We will provide plenty of beds and make sure they are clean. Please have food packaged in airtight containers.

Why does my dog sleep a lot after boarding?

We have a full schedule of stimulating activities during the day. Your dog is excited to be here and loves it! This means he/she goes home tired from all the fun!

Why is my dog thirsty after boarding or grooming?

We offer water 24/7 to the dogs. Some dogs bark or are too preoccupied to drink a lot of water during the stay.

Can my dog still get Canine cough even if i have the vaccine?

Canine cough is a group of viruses similar to a cold. The vaccines only cover a few of these strains so it is possible to contract another strain. This does not only happen at kennels. It can happen anywhere that dogs go or have been including the park, the pet store or the vet.

dog on a walk